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Axiom Tg

EDC Pistol Jan 8, 2023

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EDC pistol is designed to work on skills for the shooter who conceal carries in the world. This is a defensive base course that has a larger emphasis on winning a fight, rather than passing a shooting standard. 


Pre-requisites- This is an intermediate course. The student is expected to have a basic level of understanding, drawing from an IWB holster. a handgun course that would equate to a DH1 (Defensive Handgun Level 1) course is preferred but not required to take this course.


Gear requirements- Comfortable clothes you do not mind getting dirty. Sturdy belt, IWB holster (LAS Concealment or Tier1 Concealed are recommended but all IWB kydex are welcome. NO LEATHER OR HYBRID IWB allowed. 400 rounds of pistol ammo.